Will you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch TV.

Will you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch TV.

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I’m all about unforgiving and hating and holding grudges because it keeps me safe and mentally healthy and I don’t care about your stupid feel-good quotes about forgiving everyone everywhere always so you can take your feel-good emotionally manipulative apologist bullshit and shove it 

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1. You told me you hated the way the skin was always tearing from my lips because i couldn’t stop biting them, so i bit them even harder and spat blood into your mouth every time we kissed; I swear I still see red stains on your teeth when you smile at her.

2. You said you’d never liked heavy drinkers, that they weren’t ladylike and you could never stay with one, so I stopped hiding my bottles of vodka and stayed out late every night, drinking and undressing for the boys you despised.

3. You hated cigarettes, so I let my lungs turn black and blew my secondhand smoke down your throat. When you told me to stop, I stole your wallet and walked to the corner store and bought 8 packs of Marlboro Reds that I ended up smoking in a week.

4. You said you could only see scars as imperfections, not stories, so I carved words into my wrists and showed them to you so you could understand; you slammed every door in the house that night.

5. You told me you were sick of the scenery, almost as sick as you were of me, so I painted our bedroom walls with my blood; at least I could change one thing to help your restless heart.

6. You’d never understood love, not even when I tore my chest open with a kitchen knife and tried to hand you my heart. It just ended with a lot of blood and you screaming about the stained carpet.

7. I got tired of the bruises you’d left on my insides, so I took your car out in the middle of the night and crashed into a tree. You didn’t visit me in the hospital, but you went to the garage every day to ask when your Mustang would be fixed.

8. I realized that if I didn’t love myself, you weren’t ever going to love me, so I left in the middle of the night. I didn’t want to see you smile as I drove away.

I was only destroying myself to hurt you.  (via pessimistiic)


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“Rule 1: Don’t let someone be too important in your life.”
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